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Nkrb4487,machine knitting,Lycra Fabrics,2 x1 chunky rib,acrylic ribbing fabric for knitting collar nkrb4487 
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Nkrb4487 Knit Rib , machine knitting, Lycra Fabrics, 2 x1 chunky rib, acrylic ribbing fabric for knitting collar

 Ribbing Fabric, 100% Acrylic with Lyrca backing 2x1 Knitted Rib, quality:4487
Width: 80/85 Composition: acrylic/lyrca, Chunky 10 gauge Knit rib.

Appox: 99% Acrylic/1% lycra 
A specialist functional 2x1 construction all knit rib, with a courses of lycra at back at 1.5cms intervals. 100% acrylic, the Lycra (elastane) courses backing content gives it a assured recovery property. Fabric Ribbing which is both functional and resilient. Lycra courses backing gives more recovery for the knit rib.

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